Automatic Delivery: The Answer to an Empty Fuel Tank

Posted: November 11, 2019

Automatic propane delivery

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a lot on our plate these days – especially this time of year, with commitments to school, work, and the holidays vying for our attention and filling our calendar apps.

With all that going on, it’s not hard to imagine some rather important household tasks falling through the cracks – like checking your heating system’s fuel gauge and scheduling your heating oil or propane delivery, for example.

The problem is that forgetting to order fuel can cost you in more ways than one: besides the obvious issue of being without heat during a New England winter (never a good idea), running out of fuel can lead to some costly complications. If you are a propane customer, for example, you will have to pay for a pressure test of your system after a run-out, along with an emergency fuel delivery. If you use heating oil, you’ll have that same emergency filling charge – plus you may run into trouble as sludge from the bottom of your near-empty tank enters your fuel lines.

The bottom line is that an empty fuel tank is something you clearly want to avoid. The good news is that avoiding a no-heat emergency is much easier when you choose FREE automatic fuel delivery from Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane.

Automatic fuel delivery facts

If you’re not familiar with automatic fuel delivery, here are some quick facts to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Let Murray-Heutz take the hassle out of managing your home heating oil or propane supply with automatic delivery for your Central Maine home! Contact us today to learn more, or to make the switch from Will Call!

*One “degree day” is allotted for each degree below 65 that the average temperature reaches in your location on a given day. For example, if the average temperature is 35 degrees, 30 degree days are added to fuel your estimate).