Propane Service Plans: Top 5 Benefits

Posted: October 12, 2020

propane service plans maine

Today’s propane furnaces and propane boilers are built to last. They’re more efficient than models of past decades, and leave a truly minimal carbon footprint. Still, a propane heating system needs some help to always operate at its full, high-efficiency potential. This is where a propane service plan comes in.

The best way to ensure that a propane heating system is doing the best job it can possibly do to keep your heat up and your costs down is to have a service plan from Murray-Heutz, for your Maine home.

Service Plan Perks

Here are five of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you enroll in the Easy Comfort Plan.

  1. You’ll save on covered repairs. You’ll enjoy a 25% discount on all covered repairs on water heaters, boilers, furnaces and pool heaters.
  2. You’ll avoid more costly repairs. When a technician is doing a minor repair, they can bring any concerns about your propane system’s performance to your attention. And since you know you’ll get a great price on repairs, it’s more likely that you’ll take care of smaller issues—before they become big issues.
  3. Priority service is guaranteed. If any of your propane heaters stops working, we’ll handle it swiftly and address the problem right away.
  4. You’ll maintain efficiency for your heating system. A heating system that’s not maintained could lose 5% of its efficiency per year. That adds up to quite a bit of money. With that in mind, a Murray-Heutz service plan, which is just $39 annually, ultimately pays for itself in the savings you’ll see on the energy-efficiency front.
  5. Your investment will be protected. With discounted repairs, you’re more likely to do what needs to be done to maximize your system’s life span.

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