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What you should know about carbon monoxide in your home

Carbon Monoxide In Your Home: What You Should Know

If you have home comfort equipment that burns fuel to produce energy – whether it’s a furnace, boiler, water heater, cooking range, or any other device – it emits at least some carbon monoxide (CO) as it runs.

Summer oil tank maintenance: three things to do for your tank

Summer Oil Tank Maintenance: 3 To-Dos

Heating oil tanks aren’t complicated devices, but they do require at least some attention to run reliably year after year.

Shrink your bills and your carbon footprint with clean, green propane

Shrink Your Bills And Carbon Footprint With Clean, Green Propane

If you’re using it to power space heaters, water heaters, fireplaces, and other appliances in your Androscoggin County home, you already know that propane gas one of the most versatile sources of home energy around.

Three HVAC Problems For Pet Owners & How To Fix Them

Pets are a special part of your family – but they can also create special problems when it comes to keeping your home heating and cooling equipment running at its best. HVAC Pet Issues And Solutions Here are three potential problems posed by your pet – and what to do about them. Fur build-up – Pet […]

Can I save money with a ductless A/C system?

Do Ductless A/C Systems Save Money?

When most people think of an air conditioner, they either think of window units or central air systems. But there’s a third home cooling option to consider: a ductless air conditioning system.

A little certainty in uncertain times…

A Little Certainty In Uncertain Times…

We live in uncertain times these days – and whenever that’s true, it’s nice to find pockets of predictability that can make your life a little easier and less stressful.

Summer heating maintenance tips

Summer Heating Maintenance Tips

Caring for your heating system is probably not the first thing on your mind as we dive headlong into summer 2020…

Propane: high performance comfort inside and outside your home

Propane: High Performance Comfort Inside And Outside Your Home

If you use propane gas to heat your home, you already know how effective it is as an energy source. The question is, why aren’t you using it in other places inside and outside your home?

Spoil the rod, spare the tank: The unsung hero of your water heater

Spoil The Rod, Spare the Tank: The Unsung Hero Of Your Water Heater

As anyone who has left a bicycle in the rain for a while can attest, bad things usually happen when water and steel come together for extended periods of time.

Propane safety tips for grilling season 2020

Propane Safety For Grilling Season 2020

Believe it or not, summer is just three weeks away – and although we may need to tone down our outdoor get-togethers a bit this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t fire up your propane grill for some delicious flame-broiled meals with the family.