Spring to-do

Three To-Dos for Your Home Heating System This Spring

If you’re like most of us living here Androscoggin County, you’re probably counting the days until you can turn off your home heating system for good this spring.

Earth day

Celebrate the Spirit of Earth Day Every Time You Fill Your Propane Tank

Earth Day marks its 49th trip around the sun later this month (April 22), which makes it a good time to think about ways we can tread a little more lightly on our one and only planet.

Spring house

Four Things Your Can Do for Your Heating System This Spring

Spring is probably not the time of year that most people associate with home heating. But make no mistake – you’re going to need your heating equipment…

Swing into Spring

Score a Deal on a New Heating System with the Swing into Spring Event from Murray-Heutz

Spring is usually the best time to shop for a heating equipment upgrade: it’s generally easier to get a convenient appointment time, and prices are typically their lowest of the year.

Reading to daughter

Power Up: Six Benefits of a Propane Whole House Generator

One of the best ways to prepare for severe weather in any season is to invest in a whole house backup generator – a powerful and potentially even lifesaving piece of home comfort equipment for your Central Maine home.

Safety tips

Propane Space Heater Safety Tips

Did you know that space heaters account for more than two out of every five house fires in the U.S. – second only to cooking accidents – according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)?

Circuit breaker switches

Help – My Furnace Is Tripping My Circuit Breaker!

Every once in a while, you may notice that your furnace trips your circuit breaker.

Dog in front of fireplace

Why Install a Propane Fireplace?

Adding a fireplace to your Central Maine home used to mean investing a small fortune in construction, weeks of inconvenience, and years of gathering wood, cleaning ash, and performing chimney maintenance.

Furnace exhaust vent

The Importance of Keeping Your Vent Pipes Clear

When snow falls here in Maine, you probably spend a lot of time shoveling and salting your front walkway so no one in your home trips and falls.

Girl with drink by the window

Keep Your Bills Low and the Warm Air inside Your Maine Home with These Five Tips

Winter is in full swing here in Central Maine, and your heating system is no doubt hard at work keeping your family warm and comfortable.