Piggy bank

Heating Oil Pricing 101: Part 2 of 2

In our last post, we talked about the many factors that combine to make predicting oil prices next to impossible.

Unpredictable graph

Heating Oil Pricing 101: Part 1 of 2

Two questions we get asked every year are “How much will I pay for my heating oil this year,” and “what’s the best way to pay for it?”

Review and ratings on the phone

How Are We Doing?

Winter is officially over here in Maine (according to the calendar, anyway…although nothing would surprise us in this crazy year).

No power plug outlet

Six Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage

Well, here we are in the aftermath of another Nor’easter – our fourth this month here in Maine.

Parent and child with knitted sweaters

Propane Can Do That…

It’s easy to dismiss propane as the “fuel in a can” under your barbecue grill – but propane is so much more than that.

Report card envelope

The Murray-Heutz Report Card: What We Measure During an Annual Service Visit

We’ve said it many times before on this blog: routine maintenance is the key to system performance and longevity. But not all routine maintenance is created equal.

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Repair or Replace: Facing Your Heating System Dilemma

It’s one of the most common but least favorite questions that most homeowners will have to answer at some point during their mortgage-paying life: should I repair or replace my home heating system?

Heating system

What’s in Your Heating Oil?

Heating systems are a lot like us: the better you treat them, the longer they’ll last, and the better they’ll perform.

Spread the warmth

Spreading the Warmth in 2018

As a company built from two family businesses, we take our work and mission quite personally here at Murray-Heutz, but sometimes the work gets more personal – and more special and meaningful – than others.

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the winter

Automatic Delivery: A Key to a Safe, Warm, and Worry-Free Winter

The first month of 2018 was a doozy, with frigid air setting more than 300 record-low temperatures throughout New England – and if you believe Punxutawney Phil (and other experts), we’re not done with winter yet.