Commercial Propane for Food Trucks & Catering Businesses

Get dependable propane services from Murray-Heutz In the bustling world of mobile food services, efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness are the cornerstones of success. With the industry constantly evolving, one significant shift has been the increasing adoption of commercial propane as a preferred fuel source. This transformation is not just about fuel; it’s about reimagining the […]

Storing Diesel Fuel Safely

Trust Murray-Heutz with your diesel fuel needs In industries where machines are the backbone of daily operations, diesel fuel serves as the lifeblood. It powers a wide array of vehicles and equipment, from massive tractor-trailers across the country to the reliable farm machinery that sustains our agricultural needs. For fleet managers and the agriculture sector, […]

Is Propane the Same as Natural Gas?

Discover the differences between these two energy sources When it comes to heating our homes, powering our stoves, or running other appliances like water heaters and fireplaces, the question of propane vs. natural gas often arises. For many consumers, the two energy sources might seem almost interchangeable, but understanding their unique properties can lead to […]

Is It Time to Replace Your Heating Equipment?

Trust Murray-Heutz for your home heating equipment services As homeowners, ensuring a warm and cost-effective home environment is paramount, especially during those chilly months. Your home heating equipment plays a vital role in this, but like any other appliance, it has a lifespan. Your heating system isn’t just a component of your home; it’s the […]

How Often Should a Home Heating System Be Serviced?

Get the best in professional furnace and boiler maintenance service from Murray-Heutz! Winter weather has been doing a number on Central Maine. How’s your home heating system holding up? Home heating systems should get an annual maintenance tune-up, ideally before each heating season. But even though we’re already in January, it’s not too late! Getting […]

Diesel Fuel Efficiency Tips for Your Fleet

Rely on Murray-Heutz for your diesel fueling needs Whether you’re a business that relies on fleet vehicles, a construction or paving company with diesel fueled equipment, a school district with a fleet of buses, or any other business that uses diesel-powered vehicles or equipment, diesel fueling is a big part of your operations. Murray-Heutz offers […]

Commercial Propane for All Types of Businesses

Murray-Heutz is your commercial propane go-to! Murray-Heutz takes pride in being the trusted commercial propane delivery provider for a wide variety of businesses in Central Maine. Our valued clientele spans across diverse industries including healthcare, construction, and more. Propane commercial standby generators play a vital role in providing continuous power supply to various establishments such […]

Are Propane Gas Stoves Safe to Use?

Separate facts from political hype Given recent headlines raising concerns about the safety of gas stoves, you might find yourself questioning the safety of your current propane stove or reconsidering your plans to purchase one. In addition to the news headlines, there is a rapid circulation of gossip on social media suggesting that the federal […]

Prep Your Heating Equipment for the Winter

Stay warm and comfy this winter with heating system maintenance from Murray-Heutz! As autumn unfolds, our service department experiences an increase in activity. Therefore, Murray-Heutz strongly encourages our customers to reach out to us promptly to arrange an annual heating maintenance for their home’s heating equipment, ensuring optimal performance before the arrival of colder temperatures. […]

The Difference Between Kerosene and Other Fuels

Trust Murray-Heutz with your commercial fueling needs! There are a lot of fuels made from crude oil, with many applications. Knowing about these fuels is essential if you use them for your Central Maine business. With 80 years of experience in the energy industry, we at Murray-Heutz possess the knowledge and expertise to cater to […]