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Heating Maintenance In The Spring? Absolutely!

Once winter is over, it’s easy to move on from your heater. And we get it—by the end of those bitter-cold months in Central Maine, we’re all ready for whatever’s next! Still, you’ll want to make sure your heating system is ready to keep you warm once the cold weather returns. The best way to […]

How Floods Affect Home Heating Systems

Flood damage can be devastating, from the cost involved in cleanup, to the loss of belongings with sentimental value, to the damage and mold that will affect your home, both structurally and in terms of your comfort and safety. What Happens To A Furnace Or Boiler When It Floods? When a furnace, water heater or […]

Propane Water Heaters: Why Make The Switch?

From relaxing in a hot bath or shower to keeping our dishes and clothes clean, we need a good supply of hot water every day of the year. What is a “good” supply? It’s one that doesn’t run the risk of running out. It reaches your desired temperature quickly. And it gets these jobs done […]

Late-Season Heater Issues To Watch For

While spring is technically on the way, it sure feels like winter right now. And you know that even once the season changes, your heater may still be in demand for several days—or weeks. Temperatures in our Central Maine service area can stay low for quite some time, and your propane or heating oil system […]

Oil Tank Gauge Reading Tips

If you’re a heating oil customer, you’ve probably heard us say this before. Still, it bears repeating: automatic delivery is the best way to guarantee you will not run out of fuel, even in the most extreme cold. When you’re an automatic delivery customer, we track your oil usage and make sure you always get […]

Is It Time For A New Air Filter?

Throughout this winter, your propane furnace or heating oil furnace has been working hard to keep you and your family warm. One thing that will keep that going is a clean air filter. The air filter in your furnace removes dust, hair and other particles from the air that cycles throughout your Central Maine home. […]

10 Programmable Thermostat Tips

Even in the middle of winter, your preferred temperature for your Maine home is sure to vary a bit depending on the time of day and what’s going on out in the elements. With a programmable thermostat, you can take control of your heating oil– or propane-fueled system in a way that’s both cost and […]

Furnace Inspections: What You Need To Know

Routine heating service is a critical element of furnace care, and as a homeowner, it should be at the top of your list. An annual inspection and tune-up is the most surefire way to keep your furnace running as efficiently and reliably as it can possibly run. It’s also the best way to identify issues […]

Clear Vent Pipes: A Key To Winter Safety

The heating system in your Maine home relies on a clear path for airflow in order to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the season. One of the biggest obstacles in making this happen—even if you have a high-efficiency unit—is snow. Your heating system has an exhaust pipe, also called a vent pipe. If […]

How To Take Care Of Your Water Heater

Winter is here and the cold has set in. Is your water heater up for the task at hand? Here are five things to do to make sure the season is smooth sailing for your home’s water heater. Make sure you get your tune-up. In addition to regularly having your furnace or boiler tuned up, […]