Advantage Plan FAQs

Q: If I’m on automatic delivery, how do you know when to deliver?
A: Our delivery software anticipates how much fuel your home uses based on temperatures outside, how big your home is, etc. We aim to deliver when you get to ¼ full.

Q: Will I use more fuel this way?
A: No, the amount of fuel you use is based on where you set your thermostat. It’s like a tea pot — you can’t put more liquid in than has been used.

Q: Do I have to apply for my 5-cent per gallon discount?
A: No, it is automatically applied to your price on every delivery once you’re on automatic delivery.

Q: Am I locked into anything?
A: No, you can always return to will-call, but you will lose the discount.

Q: Can I still monitor my own tank?
A: Of course, nothing stops you from checking your tank any time you want. But this way, we are doing it too and can take steps to ensure you don’t run out because of unexpected issues.

Q: What is your no-run-out guarantee?
A: If you are on automatic delivery and we let you run out of fuel, we pay you $100. However, we are really good at not letting that happen. Keep in mind that your account must be current for the guarantee to apply.

Q: How does AutoPay by checking account work?
A: Rather than you having to send us a check, we directly bill your checking account 10 days after delivery and are paid by your bank. You get a $50 one-time credit or a discount of five cents per gallon, your choice, for setting this up.

Q: How does AutoPay by credit card work?
A: Just like above, but we bill your credit card rather than your checking account (like when you buy something on Amazon). Our customers find either method much more convenient than writing a check every time you get a delivery, but only AutoPay by checking account brings the additional discount.

Q: Are you still offering an early pay discount for payment within 10 days of my delivery?
A: No, we are replacing that with the the AutoPay discount.

Q: What if I can’t afford a full delivery to my tank?
A: We can set you up on our monthly payment program, which makes your winter bills much more manageable.

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