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Starting fall 2022, every customer who goes on automatic delivery will get an automatic five-cent per gallon discount on every delivery and a guarantee you will not run out of fuel. Plus, if you choose to pay automatically through your checking account, you can choose from either an additional five-cent per gallon discount or a one-time $50 credit (this replaces our old “early pay discount”, which is no longer available). For our typical will-call customers, this will save more than $100 this year and better protect your home going forward.

We call this our Advantage Plan, and it is designed to make everyone happier. When you call for each delivery, you have no way of knowing whether we are backed up because Covid has hit our delivery department, there’s an issue with supply because of world energy volatility, or weather conditions have slowed down the number of stops our drivers can make. Without this plan that could mean running out of fuel which means unhappy customers and significant inefficiency for us.

When you go on automatic delivery, we can anticipate all these factors to keep you warm. When we see bad weather approaching, we can get ahead of it. We can also route our trucks more efficiently, and we’re passing those savings on to you. You are also eligible for:

and other benefits that are not available to customers who are on will-call.

And, now our Advantage Plan also offers you savings at our Pay at the Pump station. As an Advantage Plan customer, with our new Loyalty Program, you’ll enjoy a discount of ten cents per gallon at the pump for every 100 gallons of heating oil, propane, or kerosene you buy. You’ll earn rewards at four times the rate of other customers!

Have questions – not sure? See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Most of our customers have already found this to be a much better approach to getting their fuel. If you have a specific reason you’ve been calling for each delivery and would like to discuss it with us, please don’t hesitate. We have ways of accommodating special circumstances.

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