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Pay at the Pump, in Turner Maine

Murray-Heutz Pay at the Pump is a conveniently located, 24-Hour Discount Gasoline and Diesel Retail Operation. Located at 454 Auburn Road (Rt. 4) in Turner, Maine, this new discount fuel location is owned and operated by Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane. At Murray-Heutz, we have brought together decades of experience and expertise to deliver comfort to thousands of homes and businesses in Central Maine. Beyond being specialists in heating oil and propane delivery, we can also handle all types of heating system repairs, including furnaces and boilers. The addition of our 24-Hour Pay at the Pump location is just one more way we can provide value to our customers in and around our hometown of Turner, Maine.

Low discount gasoline and diesel available

Always open for you

Hours: 24/7
Phone: 207-536-6375
Address: 454 Auburn Road (Rt. 4), Turner, ME

Fill it up at our Truck Stop in Turner, Maine

Our Truck Stop is a full-service service station that caters to all drivers in need of fuel, not just professional truckers.

Located on Route 4 at the Northland Plaza 18 miles north of Exit 75 (Auburn) off the Maine Turnpike.

Our Truck Stop offers these products:

Truck Stop Certified Scales

Our certified Axle Weight Scale is just what truckers need to ensure proper weight distribution while traveling the highways. Our weigh tickets show the steer/drive and trailer axle weights individually.


Monday-Friday: 5:00am-8:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am-8:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am-8:00pm

Phone: 207-225-6444
Address: 1355 Auburn Road, Turner, ME