Propane Hearths: Heat Without The Hassle

Propane hearth maine

Nothing adds more cozy charm to a home than a crackling fireplace. Propane hearths add all the ambience — and efficient supplemental heat — without the mess, smoke and ash of a wood-burning fireplace.

Forget fiddling with fire starters and hauling kindling. You can turn on and adjust the propane flame in your fireplace with a wall switch or even a remote control, and turn it off when you are finished instead of waiting for embers to burn out.

Choose from a full range of options, including freestanding stoves, built-in fireplaces, and sealed fireplace inserts that can be installed directly within your existing mantel.

Direct-vent and vent-free models make installation easy — no chimney necessary! That means you can incorporate the mood and warmth of a fire into virtually any room.

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