Winter Prep Begins in Summer

Doug Sanders

Dear Friends,

We hope you had a fun and relaxing summer. While our team had some downtime to recharge and spend more time with family, they were still hard at work for the most part. That’s because we always use the summer months to get ourselves ready for the next busy heating season.

For starters, we connect with our suppliers to make sure we have plenty of fuel secured for the winter. We won’t run out, so you won’t run out either.

We also added new trucks to our fleet and performed maintenance on all our vehicles to ensure that we are ready to roll no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.

Preventative maintenance is important for our customers too. We try to schedule as many appointments as we can over the summer. The benefits of annual preventative maintenance don’t wear off, and you can rest easy knowing that your heating system will run at peak efficiency during the heating season.

Finally, we’ve also hired and trained some great new people in all departments, including drivers, technicians and customer service representatives.

We hope you had a relaxing summer. Now, we’re ready to keep you relaxed as we move through fall and into winter.

Doug Sanders
General Manager